Global Impact

Elevating Our Purpose: Transforming Business Through Giving

At The Devereux Collective, we’ve integrated purpose and meaning into our daily operations through the act of giving. When you engage with us, whether as a new client or during a project with our existing clients, you become part of a remarkable global change simply by doing business with us.









How It Works

Through our partnership with B1G1, every interaction with our clients initiates a positive impact in the world. As contributors to a Global Giving Initiative, we extend our reach to people in need, both locally and internationally.

By choosing to collaborate with us, you’ll receive a certificate of gratitude, acknowledging the profound impact you’ve had.

Direct Impact: 100% to Those in Need

B1G1 employs a unique giving model, ensuring that every cent of your contribution directly benefits those who need it most. No overheads or administrative costs—just direct, meaningful change.

In partnership with over 3,000 businesses worldwide, we are dedicated to a common goal: collectively shaping a world enriched by generosity through the assistance of

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